World War I Draft Registration

During World War I there were three registrations. The first, on June 5, 1917, was for all men between the ages of 21 and 31. The second, on June 5, 1918, registered those who attained age 21 after June 5, 1917. (A supplemental registration was held on August 24, 1918, for those becoming 21 years old after June 5, 1918. This was included in the second registration.) The third registration was held on September 12, 1918, for men age 18 through 45.
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The following people were included in the first WWI registration on June 5, 1917 for men between the ages of 18 and 21:

Arthur E Cagle
Born: 28th April 1895
Died: 10th November 1927
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Ben O Latty
Born: 14th August 1890
Died: 19th November 1935
No Card Available

Claude Livingston Pool
Born: 4th June 1891
Died: 30th July 1918
No Card Available

Coley Jackson Poole
Born: 10th September 1888
Died: 26th June 1978
No Card Available

Dallas C Cagle
Born: 20th May 1893
Died: 10th December 1973
No Card Available

Doc C House
Born: 5th November 1890
Died: 21st July 1967
No Card Available

Eli Jackson Cagle
Born: 9th November 1895
Died: 23rd February 1993
No Card Available

Ernest Hawkins
Born: 28th January 1894
Died: 26th April 1962
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Ferd House
Born: 3rd May 1892
Died: 10th June 1982
No Card Available

Floyd Bolding
Born: 14th August 1895
Died: 24th July 1931
No Card Available

Frank S Latty
Born: 21st August 1893
Died: 23rd April 1954
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George C Cagle
Born: 15th March 1887
Died: 3rd November 1961
No Card Available

Gordon Dyer
Born: 29th March 1891
Died: 5th January 1957
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Grover C Poole
Born: 26th January 1893
Died: 10th March 1939
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J K Faulkner
Born: 17th November 1886
Died: 27th January 1934
No Card Available

James A Grier
Born: 18th May 1895
Died: 8th October 1972
No Card Available

James E Masters
Born: 18th January 1893
Died: 27th September 1965
No Card Available

James I. Butterworth
Born: 7th August 1887
Died: 4th May 1955
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Joe Connally White
Born: 29th February 1892
Died: 8th November 1946
No Card Available

John Ralph Robertson
Born: 15th November 1888
Died: 29th November 1976
No Card Available

Luther A Baugh
Born: 29th May 1896
Died: 20th October 1918
No Card Available

Marcus A Poole
Born: 1st September 1892
Died: 13th December 1983
No Card Available

Obe M Williams
Born: 15th July 1894
Died: 15th July 1967
No Card Available

Tilman C Cagle
Born: 18th October 1889
Died: 7th July 1972
No Card Available

Walter E McClure
Born: 12th November 1895
Died: 30th January 1967
No Card Available

William B Hawkins
Born: 31st January 1896
Died: 12th March 1956
No Card Available

The following people were included in the second WWI registration on June 5, 1918 for men between the ages of 18 and 21:

Andrew Ben Poole
Born: 7th March 1897
Died: 27th November 1967
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W A Martin
Born: 6th February 1897
Died: 28th December 1938
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The following people were included in the supplemental registration on August 24,1918 for men who turned 21 after June 5, 1918:

No registrants.

The following people were included in the third WWI registration on September 12, 1918 for men who were between the ages of 18 and 45:

Bayse D Autry
Born: 30th April 1898
Died: 27th January 1989
No Card Available

Ben L Poole
Born: 5th August 1877
Died: 31st May 1963
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Benson P Faulkner
Born: 16th March 1878
Died: 3rd August 1969
No Card Available

C Edgar Buffington
Born: 26th September 1884
Died: 28th September 1966
No Card Available

C. Judson Meeks
Born: 22nd July 1898
Died: 29th July 1964
No Card Available

Charley G. Abernathy
Born: 20th February 1877
Died: 11th August 1957
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Cicero C Cape
Born: 10th September 1881
Died: 14th July 1949
No Card Available

E. Calvin Browning
Born: 2nd December 1878
Died: 31st December 1934
No Card Available

Edgar M Hawkins
Born: 11th September 1897
Died: 8th November 1962
No Card Available

Ezekiel S Buffington
Born: 15th March 1884
Died: 12th May 1957
No Card Available

Frank Miller
Born: 6th August 1900
Died: 12th October 1959
No Card Available

Fred Douglas Harmon
Born: 6th June 1882
Died: 10th July 1965
No Card Available

Garnett G. Poole
Born: 25th August 1897
Died: 25th June 1993
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George W Miller
Born: 12th February 1884
Died: 7th January 1932
No Card Available

Glenn Bolding
Born: 26th April 1899
Died: 2nd September 1931
No Card Available

Harbin A Wood
Born: 22nd April 1885
Died: 25th September 1960
No Card Available

Henry Anglin
Born: 12th April 1877
Died: 8th September 1954
No Card Available

Henry C Williams
Born: 13th June 1885
Died: 1st April 1950
No Card Available

Henry H Martin
Born: 11th January 1898
Died: 7th October 1980
No Card Available

Henry O Latty
Born: 27th December 1876
Died: 17th October 1967
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Howard S Adams
Born: 24th November 1899
Died: 26th August 1971
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I Candler Cagle
Born: 14th September 1882
Died: 24th August 1957
No Card Available

Issac Peyton Griffen
Born: 22nd January 1898
Died: 19th May 1984
No Card Available

J K Martin
Born: 14th December 1898
Died: 1st September 2001
No Card Available

J Thomas Irvin
Born: 4th January 1874
Died: 20th February 1934
No Card Available

J. Allen Cagle
Born: 25th October 1879
Died: 13th August 1964
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James Harvey West
Born: 13th April 1882
Died: 15th June 1930
No Card Available

James Madison Chapman
Born: 25th January 1875
Died: 24th January 1957
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James Thomas Lackey
Born: 7th November 1874
Died: 2nd December 1922
No Card Available

James W Howard
Born: 5th September 1897
Died: 20th December 1952
No Card Available

James Wilson McCracken
Born: 11th December 1883
Died: 19th May 1955
No Card Available

John Bennette Decature Miller
Born: 25th November 1879
Died: 19th April 1959
No Card Available

John C Hubbard
Born: 3rd September 1882
Died: 10th February 1969
No Card Available

John Henry Poole
Born: 19th August 1883
Died: 4th July 1956
No Card Available

John P. Kendrick
Born: 9th July 1900
Died: 8th June 1964
No Card Available

John R. McCommon
Born: 10th July 1899
Died: 10th December 1969
No Card Available

Julian W Truelove
Born: 18th August 1898
Died: 5th December 1973
No Card Available

Leonard R Hyde
Born: 20th April 1900
Died: 12th October 1974
No Card Available

Marion Jacob Cagle
Born: 26th March 1883
Died: 6th April 1980
No Card Available

Merle S Eberhardt
Born: 1st December 1899
Died: 18th November 1988
No Card Available

Norman E. O'Kelley
Born: 8th September 1900
Died: 5th September 1967
No Card Available

Richard P Miller
Born: 22nd June 1879
Died: 17th July 1970
No Card Available

Sam Dale
Born: 11th November 1878
Died: 16th January 1945
No Card Available

Van D. Harris
Born: 22nd February 1880
Died: 6th February 1921
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W. Henry Poole
Born: 27th May 1900
Died: 17th October 1957
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W. Homer Cagle
Born: 4th January 1879
Died: 6th January 1939
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Will C Latty
Born: 20th March 1883
Died: 10th April 1971
No Card Available

William L Wilson
Born: 27th September 1877
Died: 1st July 1970
No Card Available