Our primary goal is to digitally preserve rural cemeteries in a way that includes images of each grave marker and an interactive map featuring a high resolution aerial photo of the cemetery site. Our site also provides the ability to search and explore marker data such as names, birth dates and death dates. In addition to digital preservation we want to create a resource for cemeteries' communities to explore their past. We intend to connect the cemetery data we preserve to historic records such as World War I draft cards and other datasets. This site will also be a benefit to those doing genealogy or other types of research.

Zac Miller Biography Photo

Zac Miller

Zac Miller is a long time resident of the Gainesville, Georgia area and is a graduate of East Hall High School and Tulane University. Zac currently works as a Senior Lecturer of Geographic Information Science in the Lewis F. Rogers Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis at the University of North Georgia and tackles technology projects in his spare time. Zac launched the theyburied.us project in 2010.

Crystal Lyliston Biography Photo

Crystal Lyliston

If you asked me when I graduated from high school almost ten years ago what I thought I would do for a living, I would not have said anything about becoming a developer. It has become a passion. Something about being able to get a program to run correctly is satisfying. That ah ha moment leaves me feeling accomplished. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Spatial Analysis at the University of North Georgia and I have been a contributor to the theyburied.us project since the summer of 2014. In my spare time, like to explore and learn about everything life has to offer.

Brandon Rumiser Biography Photo

Brandon Rumiser

Brandon Rumiser earned his bachelor's degree in Environmental Spatial Analysis from University of North Georgia. While in school, he developed a real passion for the Python programming language used in GIS, Django web development, and the IT side of mapping, which is how a budding cartographer ended up behind the computer programming awesome web utilities. Brandon has recently made a migration across the US from North Georgia all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona. He is an avid outdoorsman and geocacher, having traveled all over the US and parts of Eastern Europe. If Brandon won the lottery, he says he will buy a pirate ship and sail the seas under the moniker "Captain Tom Phoenix". Check him out at phoenixcoding.com!

Will Cox

Will Cox is a graduate of the University of North Georgia and assisted with field data collection during 2014 and 2015.